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Episode Zero

First post! On being humble, introducing, and games!

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Ugh the Humanity

Hey humans! It's been a long while! I've a lot going on right now and I'm sorry for neglecting you! I just wanted to get that in here and psych you up for my inevitable return! Some time in the... Continue Reading →

First Play: D&D 4E

On Delving With the Next Generation

Little Big Co.

On Community

At the International Tabletop

On a Gaming Holiday

Gamer10 #4: The Digital Socialite

On Bookfacing, Tweeterering, and Gramming in an Instant

A Man of Many (Paper) Hats

On Getting Things Done!

The Gamer Tag

On being a #Gamer

Squirrels from Another World

On Getting Real, Fictionally Speaking

On The Line

Contains triggers. Please read with caution.

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