Close your eyes and listen (Not literally, you goof! How will you read with your eyes closed?) You are now entering a vicious and deadly playground! Pay close attention, my faithful audience, for if you miss one word it may spell your demise! Please allow me to direct your attention to the voluminous blue cloud at the back of the room! Take care, my compatriots! It will draw you in with its multitude of marvels only to drain your very soul! It is the ever-present social media!

Behold! 10 masses of flesh and/or bricks and/or paper to follow, in no particular order.  Digitally.  Don’t actually stalk these fine folks.  Or their businesses.  And don’t forget to interact!  People like that… or so I hear.sentinels

  1. Greater Than Games: In addition to making at least one of the greatest games of all time, GTG has a forum that is its own thriving online community.  You can follow them on Twitter @GTGamesLLC @GTGChristopher @GTGPaul @GtGAdam @GTGJodie @GTGJennifer and @GTGMara.  There is an official Wiki for Sentinel Comics.  They’re also on Facebook.  Watch out for the extreme fun!
  2. Facebook’s THE BOARDGAME GROUP: With over 21,000 members, this is the largest Facebook group that I belong to.  Everyone is free to post whatever they feel is relevant in the community, including new Kickstarters, shelfies, opinion pieces, and questions to the group.  There are the occasional memes as well, so travel with care!  Another great thing about this group is that there are many great game designers who are members.  Got a question about the industry?  Here’s a superb place to look for answers.
  3. Peter C. Hayward:  Ugh.  I swear, this fellow is everywhere online!  I can’t click a link without spotting at least 2 blue beards on every webpage!  Peter is a game designer of growing popularity, and can be found at his company’s website Jellybean Games, his podcast’s website, as well as @peterchayward on Twitter and his Facebook page.
  4. Plaid Hat Games: Here’s their website.  Also follow these folks on Facebook and @PlaidHatGames on Twitter.  Ashes.  Dead of Winter.  Nuff said.tgbheader1
  5. The GameBoard: I admit to a little bias on this one.  They’re my favorite nearly local friendly game store!  I first ran into Kevin at the Fire and Ice gaming convention in 2016 running their booth.  I then met Lynn at the same booth this year, where I killed a whole lot of time!  These folks have a fantastic array of game knowledge and are super friendly and helpful.  In addition to selling games, the store runs CCG tournaments, rents games, and participates in numerous local events.  You can find them on Facebook, @thegameboard on Twitter, and Pinterest!
  6. Indie Game Alliance: @IndieGameAllies on twitter.  They are a group of publishers and designers, banded together under a single banner.  Gotta appreciate that!  Most of the Twitter feed is dedicated to broadcasting their group’s Kickstarter campaigns.  I’m not one for ads all over my feed, but as an indie designer I have to give mad respect what they’re doing here!
  7. Geek and Sundry: Ok, I’ll be honest here.  I’ve never watched a single episode of Critical Role.  Or any of their other stuff.  I follow them on Twitter, and occasionally interact, because they are dang entertaining!  Not only that, but their contributions to the gaming community cannot be denied. @GeekandSundryCast-Sheet-BRETT
  8. Brian Patterson: If you haven’t read the d20Monkey comic, you are missing out!  Brian is the epitome of geek life, playing and designing his own rpg world, drawing and writing his own comics, designing and selling t-shirts, and he is a published artist in a renowned tabletop game by Evil Hat.  Someday I hope to be this guy.  Follow him @d20Monkey on Twitter.  And read the comic.  Er… but don’t let the kids read it.  It’s occasionally a grownups comic.
  9. BoardGameGeek: Seriously, if you don’t know about BGG why are you even reading this?  I’m not being mean, I’m honestly curious.  The alpha and omega of tabletop gaming sites, there is always something going on at BGG.  They have a store, trade listings, forums, and a list for every game in existence.  You want to know about games, you go here.  There is also @BoardGameGeek on Twitter as well as Facebook.
  10. Watch It Played:  I’ve mentioned them before, and I anticipate bringing them up again in the future.  These fine folks do not do game reviews, but rather if you want to learn how to play a game Rodney and his family will teach you via their YouTube channel.  Also follow on Twitter @WatchItPlayed.


This is only the tip of the mountain, my fine people!  Explore!  Learn!  Begin here, and travel far in your search for the most epic of reads (or views).  (Honorable mention goes to Michael Eskue for teaching me where that punctuation mark goes in relation to the parentheses.)


Until next time, don’t let the squirrels wear your hats!